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                 Message from the President
Nearly eighteen
years of business development, Hing Fat in the previous development step by step change in growth, fortunate to have leaders at all levels of government, industry experts and Hing Fat Brothers units a consistent concern, consistent expectations, by every person dedicated Hing Fat continuous hard work ahead, self-improvement, "to give us a win-win" has become the eternal idea, "raising, raising, raising" has become the eternal goal, respect, care, within its capacity to improve working and living conditions for staff to become the eternal pursuit.
After the growth of small to large, Hing Fat from my own career, into a collective cause, this period, I was fortunate to meet thousands of business personalities, I feel cherished, in the These business dealings with celebrities and learn a lot of experience in business management company, Hing Fat accumulated wealth of knowledge to further enlarge and strengthen.
Hing Fat enterprises in the achievements of the road, I had the pleasure of a large number of like-minded colleagues in mutual respect one another, complementary and mutually supportive, making the difficult business evolved into a creative work, the mundane into the magnificent work of accumulation performance.
Is long and faraway! Looking to the future, I and my

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