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Growth process
95 Hing Fat supplies in Shaoxing County, was founded
02 Shaoxing Cheng Bang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. established
02 Shaoxing Cheng Bang coated wire was founded
2004 AIA spandex overall acquisition of Shaoxing
05 Hing Fat Zhejiang Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. established
2006 Hangzhou Hsing Textile Raw Materials Co., Ltd. was established as
2006 Properties Limited was established Zhejiang Synnex
07 Shaoxing Xing Import & Export Co., Ltd. established
07 Xing, Zhejiang Venture Capital Co., Ltd. was established with
2008 Properties Limited was established in Shaoxing the same as
2009 AIA Polyester Spandex Co., Ltd. was established in Shaoxing

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